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Welcome to Home Mortgages for Bad Credit.com. We provide an online marketplace for people seeking popular finance products such as, 2nd mortgages, home equity loans, lines of credit, and refinancing. Millions of homeowners and perspective house buyers jump on the internet every day in search of mortgages for many reasons, such as getting access to cash, house buying, construction and more. At Home Mortgages for Bad Credit, the goal is to find you the best possible loan company that provides the type of financing you seek at the lowest possible mortgage rate. Our team of loan professionals has been helping homeowners consolidate debt and finance home improvements since 1995. Our lending network offers competitive financing to homeowners who would like to maximize their home's equity.

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Most Banks will not lend to you with less than perfect credit and most lenders specialize in borrowers with excellent credit. We specialize in helping borrowers with credit issues. If it can be done, we can do it. We provide premiere mortgage loans to homeowners interested finding the best possible loan online. We are financing specialists who focus on consolidating your debt to help reduce your credit card debt and save money.

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We are financing specialists who provide alternative financing for people with low credit scores who need help buying or refinancing a home. We focus on consolidating your debt to help reduce your credit card debt and save money.

In addition to refinance loans, we offer competitive rates on second mortgages, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. Home Mortgages for Bad Credit was founded in Michigan but is currently headquartered in California, but we introduce consumers to finance companies and banks that operate in all 50 states. Please complete an application online and you will be contacted by several lenders within 24 hours of your loan application submission. Thank you for your business.



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