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Our companies' primary function is to connect people with lenders that take risks on bad credit home loans. When you miss a few payments or come out of a bankruptcy, it's not easy to find home loan lenders for bad credit. We will connect you with bad credit home loan lenders that specialize in hard money and subprime mortgage programs. Getting approved with these types of home loans is not as difficult because most of their loan products are not "fico" based like that of traditional loan companies. Getting a home loan is a very important part of the home buying process and something you want to pay extra attention to. Home financing can often make or break your deal, so choosing a lender for low credit house loans, in addition to meeting your goals and needs.

3 Steps To Working with Home Lenders for Poor Credit

  1. Shop for Mortgages with Lenders that Specialize in Loans for Bad Credit. Don't waste your time shopping with prime lenders that don't offer the type of mortgage you need. They may offer great rates, but they will also be mailing out letters the specify denying you because your credit score is too low. Make sure you get quotes from lenders who offer bad credit home loans.
  2. Compare Fees and Loan Parameters, Not Just the Mortgage Rates. When comparing bad credit home loan lenders, don't just get caught up in who has the lowest rate. Sure the interest rates are important, but also consider the loan amounts, pre-payment penalties and closing costs. In the past some subprime lenders would charge very high pre-payment penalties and borrowers were often shocked when they tried to refinance their home. So read the "fine print" and you get the best loan.
  3. Experience and Customer Service Count: It is very important that you choose a bad credit loan lender that can live up to their quote and "Good Faith Estimate." You want to choose a lender that has a reputation for being able to close risky subprime home loans for borrowers like you who have poor fico scores. You want to select a bad credit home loan lender that will hold your hand through the entire loan process if that is what you needs.
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Connect with the Bad Credit Home Loan Lender That Specialize in Subprime Loans for All types of Borrowers

Getting pre-approved and receive a pre-qualification letter without any fees. In most cases, sellers accept select from home buyers who are organized and have their financing in order with a mortgage lender that they trust. Whether you are seeking a conventional or non-conforming mortgage, our lenders have a wide variety of loan programs for you to choose from.


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