High Risk Mortgage Loan Programs for People Having Trouble Qualifying

Most consumers are tired of searching for lenders that offer higher risk mortgages to borrowers who have credit or equity obstacles. The biggest obstacle for existing homeowners to refinance is equity. Many new home buyers and home owning veterans are running into lending walls because of credit. With unemployment and deflated stock portfolios and property values, many people have been late on paying their bills and the credit scores have declined as a result. We offer high risk home loan opportunities to borrowers with all types of credit and equity positions. Talk with our agents today about the latest high risk loans available for home buying and refinancing.

Have you been rejected for refinancing because your home is underwater? We offer a path to low rate refinancing with a program called the "Home Affordable Refinance Program" or the HARP 2.0. This program has been sponsored by the U.S. Government. This high risk mortgage program is for people that have underwater mortgages that are owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The new HARP program has no loan to value restrictions so if you meet the eligibility requirements you may qualify for a mortgage at a very low interest rate. Government oversight committees warn that this plan could cost between $5 billion and $10 billion. President Obama claims he does not want to raise the deficit to pay for it. Rather he claims that charging the large banks a fee would cover the cost for this high risk mortgage initiative. You think the ATM fees are high now? If the President is successful with this move then you can expect the banks to raise the cost of lending dramatically.

High Risk Mortgage

Qualifying for a High Risk Mortgage under the HARP Loan Program

According to an Obama spokesman familiar with the expanded high risk mortgage program, in order to qualify for the new mortgage refinance loan program, consumers must not have missed a loan payment for at least 180 days and have no more than one late payment in the 360 days. Eligible borrowers must also have a middle credit score of 580 or greater. The HARP 2.0 has taken refinancing to new heights as the underwriters have removed the loan to value credentials completely. That means that equity and "LTV" are irrelevant when it comes to this government loan. Compare HARP Lenders and check your eligibility today.

The homeowner's lien may exceed the FHA loan limits in their regions, which range from $271,050 in low housing cost areas to $697,750 in high-cost areas. Qualified borrowers must also be considered a primary resident in the house, which means that they occupy the residence.

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We understand the difficulties involved with poor credit house loans or "high risk" mortgages. Getting approved for a loan from a high risk mortgage lender is slightly easier than last year, as a few private financing companies have begun to ease the credit guidelines. As you may have learned the hard way, mortgages for people with credit issues can be more difficult than conventional loans for people with good credit scores. We can hook you up with lenders for high risk loans and hard money lending.


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