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Mortgages for Bad Credit

If you have issues with your past credit, you still may have some options as our lenders have begun to extend new mortgage programs for people with past credit problems. Many consumers have suffered from employment and income issues that have steam rolled into becoming obstacles on their credit reports because of late payments. We understand the difficulty of finding mortgages for bad credit and we try to make the process easier for our customers.

What Are Your Credit Scores? 500? 600? 700? If you have at least 500 credit scores then you are likely eligible for an FHA mortgage. Most conventional lenders are looking for scores above 620 and VA lenders are not as concerned about the scores if you meet their other requirements for buying or refinancing a home.

Our loan officers have vast experience helping consumers get approved to buy or refinance mortgages. Take a moment learn about the latest news on home mortgages for bad credit.

Will the Federal Reserve Continue to Bolster Mortgage Loan Activity?

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans said the drop in the unemployment rate to 8.5% may be partially reversed in coming months. "I'm a little concerned that the most recent improvement is going to be transitory and it might move up above 8.5 %," Evans said. Last week Federal Reserve policy makers discussed mortgage rates at their meeting whether additional steps were needed to stimulate the U.S. economy.

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Connect with a Loan Company that has Experience Helping People with Bad Credit

Describe your need and let the right lenders find you! Our Lenders are looking for borrowers with all types of credit who need a low rate mortgage. Our partners recently announced a favorable expansion for people seeking a FHA refinance loan.

Getting approved from a lender who offers home loans for people with bad credit is more difficult than it was in the past. Read our recent article "Home loans for people with bad credit."


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